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We are Guardian Lutheran.

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Cancer Support 27-Aug-2014

Cancer support group meets the last Wednesday or each month at 7 p.m. This group will help those who have been touched by cancer, for care givers, family and friends who need support through, during, and after this illness. For more information, call the church office a.. +

Divorce Care and Divorce Care For Kids 27-Aug-2014

New session begins on Thursday, September 11. If you or someone you know is suffering from the pain of separation or divorce, please call the church office to register for this Biblically based seminar where you will find help, discover hope and experience healing. To re.. +

Discover Class - Adult Confirmation 27-Aug-2014

Our Discovery Class (Adult Confirmation) will take place in a seminar format on Saturday, October 20th from 9 am to 3:10 p.m. The design of this class is to introduce or refresh your perspectives of faith through the Lutheran understanding of the Bible, creation, salvation, J.. +

Pastor’s Blog

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Church Blog

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  1. Nicaragua Mission Trip Day 6 and 7 Ronda Roberts 02-Nov-2012
  2. Nicaragua Mission Trip Day 4 & 5 Ronda Roberts 31-Oct-2012
  3. Nicaragua Mission Trip 2012 - Day 3 Ronda Roberts 30-Oct-2012

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We are Guardian Lutheran Church

  • Community events at Guardian Lutheran Church in Dearborn Michigan Wayne County

    We are a community

    We are down the street, around the block, and in your own backyard. We have always been a neighborhood church, small enough to make you feel at home, but big enough to bring you more than you could imagine. Over 20 staff and 1200 members working together to open our doors and our hearts to bring the unshakable hope of Jesus to a hurting world. We are still here... for you!

  • Staff of Guardian Lutheran Church in Dearborn Michigan Wayne County

    We are a family

    Young and old, we sing the same songs. Single moms and extended families, we gather 'round the same altar. We come from different backgrounds, races, and homes... but we come. From all over. And in so doing, we are blessed with a foretaste of the feast to come, when every believer joins a heavenly family where nothing can ever separate us again.

  • Inside the Sanctuary of Guardian Lutheran Church in Dearborn Michigan Wayne County

    We are Guardian

    Birthed in 1947, Guardian has been serving the Lord for over 65 years. We love to worship, are passionate about children's ministry, care deeply about each other, and long to make heaven bigger tomorrow by sharing Jesus on earth today.

  • 24-Aug-2014

    The death of Robin Williams has lots of folks not only reeling, but asking tough questions, questions that lead me to Jesus' soul being "overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death".

  • 03-Aug-2014

    What does a penalty kick in the World Cup and the Feeding of the 5000 have in common? You'll only find out here.

  • 13-Jul-2014

    Can I have your attention, please?!