One Member's View on an Evening at Guardian

Posted by Pastor Andrzejewski on Tuesday, June 28, 2011
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I woke up this morning warmly reflecting on last night's worship service... Best VBS worship ever (June 16, 2011)!! What a way to spend a Thursday Summer evening.

For several years we've talked about holding worship in the gym. This was as good or better than I've ever imagined.

To be gathered with people I love (a bunch of people, I wonder what the "count" was) experiencing the children sing with joy (motions are always nice too, they tend to sit still after that); confessing my sins; receiving absolution; praying for those of our community in need of prayer, both intercessory & jubliant was awesome. The presence of His love pervaded the atmosphere. The group that led VBS did a great job, loving their Lord & expressing it, both spoken and facially with eye contact. The music was well done, great selection of songs that pointed "The Way" including some of my favorites (Lead me to the Cross, Mighty to Save, . . .)

To gather with a group of people I love, singing and seeing joy, in a comfortable, unencumbered environment was pure pleasure (I'm not sure that as a "Lutheran" I should feel that good). A rare treat. If that is (our) idea of broadening our worship perspective (my words, not yours), lead on!

Then the bonfire in the parking lot afterwards, whose idea was that, I want to profusely thank them. Instead of going home to a quiet house, I got to come home smelling of campfire smoke, with good memories of watching children run, jump, play; being offered a 'smore' (not a big fan, but being offered in love, how could I refuse); great relaxed conversation, getting to know my 'brothers & sisters' better. . . . I came home with a stronger sense of the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Conversation in the parking lot... and seeing the smiles on their faces as they watched people practicing "Life together" was great.

Bottom line, good time (read that as good Christian time spent among the family). I could easily keep going...

Bruce Glennie